meet eveline

founder of the cottages

Eveline Rivers-McCoy was born in Little Rock Arkansas and raised in Kentucky. She has lived in Amarillo, Texas for over 50 years and this is where she raised their three children. When her children were school aged, Eveline learned of a local family who was in need of coats. The children were not attending school because they didn’t have a warm coat to wear. In 1979, she founded Eveline River’s Christmas Project. From this project Eveline created a 2nd non profit organization, Eveline’s Sunshine Cottage. The idea was to provide a safe stable place for homeless or extremely low income single parent families to obtain a college education, become stable and get off the government system. There are currently eight homes.

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our families

Over 20 years we have had wonderful success stories. Through our love, support, and encouragement our single parent Moms move from homelessness and hopelessness to a college degree. The Moms are the role models for their children to also succeed. One of our first Moms to be with us is now in hotel management, working to be the area manager for the company for which she works, and is close to a 6- figure salary. Another early college graduate in the field of Education has created new Drama programs in 3 schools in three Cities, has been nominated as Woman of the year for her Community, and is writing a Play that has strong potential to be put into action. We have a graduate with her Masters degree in Social Work and another graduate is a Registered Nurse and almost completed to be a Nurse Practitioner. Our graduates have received their college degrees in many fields including, education, nursing, Criminal Justice, Psychology and, Counseling...just to name a few.

cozy cottage throws

This is a fabulous WAYS AND MEANS PROJECT for Eveline's Sunshine Cottage, created by our wonderful volunteer, Sandy Wylie Vaughn, in the Fall of 2014, and given to us to continue creating her idea. These blankets are hand made at Eveline's Sunshine Cottage workplace, by Eveline and Melissa, and the monies raised are used directly to benefit the single Moms and their children who live in Eveline's Sunshine Cottage. 

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what's new

It’s a busy season at the Sunshine Cottages! We recently finished the construction of 2 new, 2 bedroom duplexes. We are also in the middle of a remodel of 3 bedroom single family home!
Panhandle Gives is November 22 – November 30th, this is a large fundraiser for us as your donated funds for Sunshine Cottages can be amplified by the Amarillo Area Foundation. For more information about giving through this, please call the office!